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Pastoral Care

Squaddies are on hand to help whenever needed

Child welfare is important at The Chadderton Preparatory Grammar. We ensure that all children are involved, cared for and valued.

Pupils can become involved with every aspect of our school life through the actions of our School Council. We hold a general election each term for pupils to choose their chairperson, and each class elects a representative for each half term. The council discusses matters, such as which charities to support, lunchtime activities, social events, and any other areas of concern.

As part of the pastoral care, Prep School pupils are encouraged to apply to be 'Squaddies', our playground helpers. Younger pupils are encouraged to look up to the older children, whilst the older children in turn are taught responsibility and compassion. Squaddies assist staff on duty, organise playground games, and are a point of contact for any children who are upset or lonely. In their application, the Prep School children have to state why they think they will make a responsible Squaddie.

Staff are always ready and willing to listen to our pupil’s concerns, and the school operates an open door policy for anything you might like to discuss.