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Pre Prep

A day in the life of Pre-Prep pupils

Our day begins at 8.30, when our teachers open the door to welcome us into the classroom. After registration, we make our way to the hall, where we are greeted by the Headteacher, Mrs Greenwood for assembly. In assembly we talk about lots of different things and always have time for reflection.

After assembly it’s back to the classroom to begin the day’s activities. Before play we usually do our English lesson. We always practice our phonics and then do some writing and we read our books to our teachers and sometimes we go outside to use the outdoor area as we all enjoy learning outside. Then it is playtime, we get our snack and head off into the playground and meet our friends form all the other classes. Its great fun and we love our climbing frame!

When playtime is finished we go back inside to do our maths for the day. We love maths, especially when we get to play games on the interactive whiteboard and do lots of practical investigation! 

At lunchtime we head back to the hall, where Mrs Harris has prepared our delicious lunch. The teachers all sit with us to eat and we love to tell them all our news. After we have eaten, it’s back out into the playground. At lunchtime play we have lots of toys out on the yard so you never get bored.

In the afternoon we get to do lots of exciting things such as science, history, geography, art, P.E. and outdoor learning. Our teacher always asks us what we want to learn in each topic and encourages us to reach our full potential each and every day.

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