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Little Gems Nursery

Our outstanding Early Years educational programmes and caring staff nuture every child during these crucial years, helping them develop and grow.

When children join us in Nursery our priorities are to ensure they are happy and positive at school, and to nurture their natural curiosity about the world around them.

It can be easy to forget how exciting the world is when you’re two or three, but one look at the delight on our pupils’ faces as they learn and master new skills is a wonderful reminder.

Our teachers and their assistants, are able to work closely with every child in Nursery. Small class sizes and high staff ratios allow us to provide a truly individualised approach for each child and ensure they reach their academic potential.

At Little Gems we aim to instil a love of learning for life in every one of our children, and it’s essential to lay a strong foundation for this passion as children embark on the first steps of their educational journey.

The use of specialist teachers from Nursery helps children not only develop their knowledge outside the main curriculum, but also sees them grow in confidence, gain independence and become an integral part of the school community.

We’re mindful that the transition to school can be just as much of a challenge for parents as it is for children, so we’ll make sure you are involved at every stage of your child’s education.

You’ll be actively encouraged to chat with our teachers and other support staff when you drop off or collect your child, giving you a chance to pass on and receive information in an informal and friendly setting, and we’ll regularly update you about what we get up to in and out of the classroom through the Class Dojo app.