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Latest News

Our future scientists!

Reception really enjoyed British Science Week 2022.  The children have watched and taken part in several science experiments. First of all, we did an experiment with ice, we had to predict which block of ice would melt first; small ice cubes, a medium-size block of ice, or a big block of ice.
We also did an experiment with Skittles to see what happened when we added hot water. We had lots of fun!
Finally, we did an experiment about capillary action with food colouring, water and paper towels. Some of the children correctly predicted what should happen but our experiment didn’t work. This was a good learning opportunity to have a discussion and realise that science experiments don’t always work.

The children have amazed us with their prediction skills and their understanding of a fair test. We may have the next generation of scientists right here at The Chadderton!!!!!