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BBC STEM project comes to The Chadderton

 When most children think of the BBC their first thoughts are usually the on-air content they are familiar with. Whether that be Hey Duggee, Octonauts or even joining parents to watch an episode of Strictly...
How many of those children think “STEM” Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics are a key part of all that we do at the BBC?
How many even consider what happens on the other side of the camera or how the content arrives on their devices?

What is BBC STEM?
At the BBC there are hundreds of staff members all working in STEM-related roles.
Many of these BBC Staff volunteer their time to support others, as a collective they are BBC STEM ambassadors.

This week the BBC STEM Ambassadors have been sharing their skills, knowledge and experience with our children here at The Chadderton to help them better understand the links between subjects and skills the
young people may be passionate about. And the potential career choices within the creative and media sector.

During the week the children have been given the opportunity to explore how a particular area of STEM affects the world around them and how important it is in creating some of their favourite BBC content and may
shape their future.
The children have been working alongside the BBC’s Research and development team to produce a prototype of an invention that will make our world a better place to live in. They not only designed and made their prototype but presented their ideas to the research and development teams.

The children have had a fabulous time and gained so much from the experience.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Mr McKenzie for organising this fantastic opportunity for our children and the rest of the BBC team who have taken the time to visit us this week and share their knowledge with our children.



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for new generations- for example; BBC iPlayer, BBC Sounds and other BBC Apps we are all
familiar with today. It’s hard to believe that once upon a time they were all ideas that
people thought were light years away

When it comes to innovation, we believe an ability to think creatively, work together and
use our imaginations are some of the most important skills you can hope to have.
As parents we’re sure you’ll already know that children are naturally gifted with a brilliant
However, this vital skill can often be lost over time especially when not applied to real life

We believe imagination and thinking creatively is a skillset that should be encouraged and
continually developed, and we would like to work with your students to help them to
understand just how valuable that is when applied to STEM, Media or broadcasting.

The offer... Imagining our future
On May 10th ,11th and 13th 2022 we’d like to invite The Chadderton students to join us for a
series of practical workshops (delivered virtually and onsite).

Working alongside members of our BBC R&D department we would like to work with your
students to... “Imagine our future”

Each session will take place 2-3pm - Sessions 1 & 2 will both be delivered virtually (zoom)
and the third session would be delivered on site, at school. We would also bring a
production team to film at a presentation of the achievements of The Chadderton students.

*This content may be included in BBC STEM online posts etc. but would primarily be for the
school’s use as a souvenir of the student’s participation.
Historically, BBC STEM has worked with students aged 12-18 who are thinking about career
choices and educational options.

This will be the first BBC STEM offer exclusively for primary school children.
If successful, this could be one of many new BBC STEM offers for this age group.

Again, we thank you for your continued commitment in exploring new ways to engage and
inspire your students and can’t wait to meet t