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Latest News

Our Developing Vision

Dear Parents,


Our Developing Vision

Our school continues to provide an outstanding educational experience for our pupils within a caring pastoral culture that values resilience, mastery and personal growth for all. 

We continually look to develop our teaching, learning and assessment in order to ensure that our children are equipped with the right skills to successfully negotiate their futures with confidence.  Similarly, we carefully look to the future for our whole school and how best we can ensure its continuing success.  And so, I am very pleased to be able to write and announce two exciting new developments.  An extended Nursery provision and a new name for our school.

Our Nursery

We are pleased to announce that our Little Gems Nursery will now be welcoming children from two years old for 50 weeks of the year.  We have developed one of our rooms to provide the right environment for our new intake and are looking forward to providing our distinctive caring approach to a younger group of children as they begin their educational journey with us.

Our Name

As part of our future thinking, we have decided to rename Firwood Manor in order to communicate our presence and location more clearly.  It was also decided that we should more completely reflect our approach to learning.  As such, I am proud to announce that our school is becoming a Preparatory Grammar. 

The structure of our school allows us to develop rounded individuals through nurturing their individual characters and learning styles.  However, we want to make sure that people understand we are more than a cosy prep school, we are a preparatory school in the grammar tradition.  Our school relies on a robust curriculum which is academically rigorous and enables a clear route into the very best senior schools of choice.   

The decision to be ‘The Chadderton’ is a clear nod to our local heritage and succinctly explains our location too!  The change does not reflect any change in the fundamental ethos or curriculum, structure, management or ownership of the school.  Neither does it reflect any change in the fee structure.

Likewise, there is no requirement to immediate update your school uniforms.  Our new intake will be wearing the newly branded uniform from September (or sooner if they so wish) and we are working with Monkhouse to provide you with patches featuring our new logo for your current blazers.  Our view is to transition in the next terms towards our new uniform as you replace your child’s current clothing.

All who work with the school are determined to see The Chadderton Preparatory Grammar School become a significant and impressive name on the map and to aid us in growing from strength to strength. 

If you have any additional questions, please do contact me and I will be happy to answer them.

May I personally express my gratitude for your support and belief in our school.


Sincere regards,

Caroline Greenwood