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Lifelong Learning

Building the foundations with Early Year development

At Little Gems we aim to provide the best foundations for your child’s Early Years development. We understand that children are competent learners from birth, and so our environments are thoughtfully planned out, and our programmes offer learning opportunities throughout the whole environment.

We teach children from the age of 2 in our nursery school, until their transition to the prep school at the age of 4 and believe that this period is critical in building strong foundations for future learning. 

We encourage a love of learning where the art of creative thinking is taught alongside self-reliance. Supported by strong moral values children develop self-respect and show courtesy and consideration for others. The children all have the opportunity to take part in many varied, age appropriate activities, aimed at developing their skills and knowledge so that they are stimulated, engaged and continually developing both academically and socially. The children have regular access to the prep school facilities which includes a beautiful libary, Art Room and Science Lab which allows the children to explore fun learning activities.